1995/1999 - Faculdade de Belas Artes de SP.
Bachelor in Graphic Design


2017/present - Agency PROS > Group Creative Director.

As creative director I’ve been performing the same functions as described in my previous position. However, my focus is no longer on the Shopper Marketing strategy, but on the PR strategy (PR-People Relations).

Me and my team togheter with the strategy planners create campaigns to go beyond the tradional media, using social network, influencer and events/promos to amplify and spread the message.

Brand Experience:

Heineken Brasil; Under Armour; Panasonic; Dow; Bayer; Avon;


2005/2016 - Ponto de Criação > Group Creative Director.

I started as a sr. graphic designer focusing on POP design, promo and brand activation.


Working with a copywriter I was responsible to create campaign ideas and all the materials that it involves.

In 2008 I became the Creative Director for P&G brands.

Working together with the strategy team we created real life insights on shoppers perpective to deliver to the creative team.
I was also responsible to hold brainstorm sessions, approve
and improve all campaign ideas and prepare and perform presentations to the client.

I also worked with P&G Panamá and in collaboration with BAL agencies leading jobs for LATAM (Gillette, Gillette Venús, Duracell, Ariel and Downy).

Since 2012 I have been doing the same, but now in addition to P&G, I’m responsible for all brands on the agency portfolio.


Brand Experience:

Arno/Group SEB; Jameson/Pernod Ricard; Pampers, Ace, Ariel, Downy, Gillette, Duracell, Vick, HipoglЧs, Metamucil, Oral-B/P&G; Purina, Ninho, Nescau, Panettones/Nestle; Nokia; Sadia, PerdigЛo/BRF; Colgate, Protex/ColgatePalmolive; Roca, Celite/Grupo Roca; Pepsi, H20/PEPSICO; Mercedes-Benz, Smart/Daimler Group; Walmart; Santander Bank.


Retail Experience:

Walmart and GPA/Key accounts; National Retail; Makro, Sam’s Club/Cash & Carrier; Drogasil, Droga Raia, Pague Menos/Drugchains;

1999/2005 - a10 design – Jr. Designer > Sr. Designer
I developed design identity for packages and brands.
I was involved on all the processes, from the strategic development with the client, creating design identity for packages or brands till the final production.

Brand Experience:
Almadén wines/Pernod Ricard; TRIO/United Mills;

Mais Sabor/Quaker; Malbec, SpeedMan, Linda Mulher, Cores/O'Boticário; Danette/Danone; Cookies and Dietalat/Parmalat; Skol/AMBEV; Manix/Elma Chips;
Tonyu and Sofyl/Yakult; Arno/Grupo SEB; Olympikus; Chifon, Scott/Kimberly Klabin

London International Festival
El Ojo de Iberoamerica
Bienal de Design Gráfico de SP
Other National Festivals

2010 - Integer  |  Denver - Trainning Shopper Marketing

and Digitail Strategy
2004 - School of Visual Arts - Nova Iorque
Milton Glaser Summer Program.
2003 (6 meses) - Miami AD School - Jimmy Leroy  - São Paulo
Curso Design em Movimento.
2002 - Joe Duffy - Duffy Design - São Paulo
Palestra sobre processo de criação.
2002 - John Warwicker - Tomato Co. - São Paulo
Palestra sobre processo de criação.
2000/2001 - Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo
Curso de extensão em Design de Produto.
1999 - Univercidade - Richard Wilde - Rio de Janeiro
Workshop exercícios de criatividade.


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